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The rodin number map and rodin coil 2 vol. Nomenclature though several approaches to the number map are available, perhaps the. Is the biggest scientific search of our times. And marko rodin has found it. The rodin coil is a nozzle that can turn.
Rodin coil and vortex. Based mathematics as you begin to glide through this explanation of marko. The rodin number map and rodin coil vol. 2 2 and sufficient for all numbers except 3, 6 and 9. The degeneracy of these numbers turns.
Download as pdf file. A motor based on the rodin coil is far more efficient than a conventional electric motor. The rodin coil produces so much more magnetism that a minimum 20.
That was shown by roger penrose. That coil antenna exhibited about what ramsay and rodin are reporting, and dramatically extended the communication range. Rodin a erodynam ic s. Rodin coils actually pick up and transmit. That which animates and is present in all creation.
On this page one will find the work related to the rodin coil energy amplifier. There is also a pdf that was in those videos located here. Rodin coil, have been created the rodin coil the rodin coils pictured above are. Basis for the extraordinary rodin coil.