Hw35e stock

Questions about hw35e, air guns, in other words, is the hw35e just a hw50s with a fancy stock. Your experience and thoughts are appreciated. With rubber butt pad. Cannot be shipped outside uk due to postal restrictions.
The hw35e is available in. 22 caliber, stretches 43. 5 inches from muzzle to buttplate and weighs 7. At the aft end of the hw35e, you. Ll find a brown rubber butt pad which is separated from the walnut stock by a black spacer and a white spacer. On the left side of the buttstock, there is a modest cheekpiece. The weihrauch hw 35 is a break barrel, spring powered air rifle first produced in. Manufactured by weihrauch weihrauch located in mellrichstadt, bavaria, germany.
Almost done sanding the stock before i finish up. One thing folks need to know on recent hw35e stocks is the. Oil finish really penetrates deep into the walnut and requires a deep sanding to remove most of it. T want to try to get everything out, because i. Ll be left with a tooth pick. The weihrauch hw35e is one of weihrauch. S classic air rifles. The superb construction and finish are well. Known just like its excellent reputation for power and accuracy. Equipped with the world. Trigger, an elegant stock and 2 sling swivels.
Built with emphasis on quality first the hw35 will give generations of precision shooting pleasure. Walnut stock with grip. Driskell shows us some old weihrauch literature and on ones of the pages are several hw35 models with various stocks.
This walnut stock was finished in a day by me using danish oil. If you strip the stock first down to bare wood you can do it in a day if you want to. A bit intensive in a day but easy in two days. Ive just done this in 24 hours including 7 hours sleep. I did a thread on it 2 weeks ago. Weihrauch hw35e export air rifle this is the export variation henc the. That comes with nice walnut stock.