Clear apache cache in r12

In order to fix blank page problems or some pos patch actions some times we need to recompile jsp or clean apache cache manually. We just ugraded from 11i to r12. I use to follow the following steps in 11i to clear apache cache. Stop apache service 2. Delete or rename pages directory in common top 3. Start the apache service 4. Or clearing the apache cache from the functional administrator responsibility which will work in r12 as well.
Apache bounce no longer work in r12. 2 as you know and every time you have to go for managed server bounce for the changes to reflect. Verify ps xuc if its linux then use below command ps xuc. Should not return any process if its hp then use below command.
In case you have login issue after accidentally cleared the _pages instead of using the method above for r12 please review note. 1 to recompile jsp files. Functional administrator. Global configuration. Go to specific cache or clear all cache. Server level in r12 apache bounce. Which is actually opmn services here. Takes a little more time then 11i, and we too have to take care of few things.