Hirth 3203 reliability

All hirth engines come complete with carb. Electric starter, alternator, rectifier, starter relay, air filter. Fuel pump, ignition system, manuals, and one year warranty. Again what difference does it make what the cht limits are. The rotax is suppose to run as are hirth engines at. If the hirth is able to run hotter it just means you are going to due more damage when it finally goes.
65 hp ultralight aircraft engine. S most popular engine. Produces more horsepower and torque per pound than any other engine in its class. Is the forerunner in powerplants for the heaviest of ultralight trainers, gyrocopters and light experimentals today.
65 hp, is nearly identical to the. But is ported and tuned differently to make peak horsepower at. This gives it a very respectable power to weight ratio. Is a direct competitor of the rotax. In many applications. This is an almost new 65 hp hirth. It has less than 10 hrs on the motor.