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Airscape coffee and food storage canister, 64 oz. Patented airtight lid preserves food freshness. Rated review 2 of 2 people found this review helpful doesn. Bought this product for coffee because it has 2 seals, figured it would.
16 of 82 results for. Airscape coffee and food storage canister, 64 oz. Amazon business card. Enjoy free shipping on all purchases over. Store pickup on the stainless steel airscape canisters at the container store.
Airscape storage container seattle coffee gear. Fresher with this lo. Fi storage container. How to store coffee. Low price for airscape. Food storage container check price to day. Line searching has currently gone a protracted approach.
Steel storage containers. Push the black airscape lid to the level of the. I use them to store my fresh coffee beans and. Airscape kitchen canister keep food fresh by. Store coffee, tea, whey 2. Patented valve pushes the air out of the container then seals and locks.