Kanazawa shinkansen timetable

Timetable and reservation. Kanazawa via wide view hida to toyama. Hokurizu shinkansen kanazawa. The hokuriku shinkansen is a high speed. Rail line that runs between kanazawa station and tokyo station. It is jointly operated by jr east and jr west. Previously the line. S northern terminus was nagano station and it was called the nagano shinkansen.
Monday to friday only, except holidays. Sunday and holidays only. Operated only in peak travel seasons or an. The timetable of shinkansen can be quickly examined.
The hokuriku shinkansen. Is a shinkansen line that connects tokyo with kanazawa. It is operated by the east japan railway company, commonly known as jr east, and the west japan railway company, commonly known as jr west. Traveling from tokyo to kanazawa. The extension of the hokuriku shinkansen from tokyo to kanazawa in. You can use the jr west timetable fare.
The hokuriku shinkansen began service in. In advance of the nagano olympics. Passing by takasaki from tokyo, it ascends steeply and crosses usui pass before arriving in karuizawa, a resort area with history. This shinkansen lines is currently called. , this shinkansen lines will be extended to kanazawa and will be called official name. Hokuriku shinkansen. This shinkansen will offer us much faster transport mode than current train services.