Nugen pure exstream water softener

Morrison exstream water softener quick start. Leave bypass valves closed. Check water pressure before installation. High water pressure will damage your system void the warranty. Xtr high flow control valve.
48 fusion softner mountain. Home master water filter. Home master water filter owners manual 9. Simultaneously fit together shut off valve and whole house filter using pipe nipple or hex nipple to draw then together on the in side of the filter. Fit pipe hanger on water in side for additional support.
Nugen pure water systems ro. Stage reverse osmosis system replacement water filters reverse osmosis ro membrane. All pro exstrean systems are certified under the nsf 44 certification. They also carry our famous limited lifetime warranty. This system is designed for high flow water demands as required by all plumbing codes. No more flushing the toilet and getting scalded in the shower because of water softener restriction.
Pro exstream water softener high flow series. Nugen pure water system inc. 48 works, i had it removed since. Here at nugen we have over 35 years experience manufacturing and selling water treatment equipment. We have many standard systems in stock ready for.